Conner Pinson

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Neural Network Recognition of Medical Procedures in Recorded Video

This was part of a larger research project focused on implementing a system in ambulances that could identify a procedure in real time and report that information from a reporting ambulance to a doctor at an emergency room. This would help significantly cut down on miscommunications as the high-stress environment of the emergency can cause many first responders to forget the exact procedures that were performed (number of chest compressions, meds given to stabilize, etc). I focused on attempting to identify procedures based on frame data taken from recorded video. See the poster I presented here. (Jun 2020 to July 2020)

github, totternary


TotTernary is a system for using ultra-wideband RF time-of-flight ranging to perform indoor ranging and localization. It incorporates the SquarePoint module, containing the DecaWave DW1000 for UWB packet transmission and timestamping. The module provides node-to-node ranges over an I2C interface which can then be sent further on using the radio on the mother board. I worked for the Stress and Early Adversity (SEA) Lab and focused on integrating the devices into their research studies by troubleshooting and performing data analysis. (Jan 2019 to Dec 2019)

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Digital Museum

This project was created to assist my course taught at Exploration Summer Schools. It displays a collection of Processing projects in a neat format that is easily understandable by museum attendees. The project was created using Processing Java which is NOT the best to design a GUI. This is so I could explain the code to my students in an effort to let them understand the code that would be displaying their own projects. It was an attempt at a learning opportunity but I think it just normalized hack-y code for them. (June 2018)